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I'm thinking about trying G-WAN. Do any of you have an experience with this server? Here's a review by David Bolton. Check out this benchmark page of G-WAN practically bragging about being way faster than their competitors with little effort involved but on the flipside, here's a blog about that mentions that because G-WAN is closed-source, there's a possibility it might be phoning home. Is he being paranoid or could there really be some NSA/PRISM type stuff going on in the background?

G-WAN vs Nginx


Both G-WAN (freeware) and Nginx (open-source) are asynchronous HTTP servers for Linux and Windows. Both intend to be "light" and "fast". The Nginx project started in 2004 while G-WAN started in 2009. Using a different design based on threads and events, G-WAN is lighter and faster than the mainstream servers, a fact independently verified by several third-party benchmarks over the years. While other servers rarely publish comparative benchmarks, GWAN Benchmarks (here vs Nginx and others) are driving its development as the author's goal is to "harness the parallel processing power of the ever increasing number of cores available on each chip". To advance the cause of reproductible research, G-WAN documents all its tests and provides public-domain C source code.
g-wan documentation support and usage is *very* thin at the moment.

If something goes wrong you'll be on your own.

I would look into something staple and stable for now, Apache, Nginx, OLS.
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