Xenforo mvc framework versus Wordpress


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So if I'm not mistaken, wordpress does not use an mvc framework but they have something similar.

I'm not sure how developing an addon for WordPress works, but from what I know, for Xenforo, utilizing templates and similar MVC components help development of addons, from different developers, quite easy to understand?

Whereas, wordpress has it so each addon uses their own syntax??

Apologies for the ignorance, I'm not a dev so I'm trying my best to understand the strengths of xenforo versus wordpress.

From what I know developing addons for wordpress is more difficult and modifying wordpress is also a mess.

What makes xenforo better despite both being a cms and having plugins?


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WordPress is how things were done a long time ago, and where things just get bolted on in a bodge fashion. WP doesn’t fix it because that would break their entire 3rd party ecosystem which is the one thing WP has going for it…


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You stated "I'm not a dev so I'm trying my best to understand the strengths of xenforo versus wordpress."

Unless you have specific questions related to development of XF, that is not the correct forum for a query of this nature.


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Hi Brogan, I was referring to the mvc architecture question. Is there a better category you can think of? I just think forum management is more focused on the cms side of things.

Any insight to the question Brogan? Trying to read about it as much as I can but can't find an explanation