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Hello i have approx 12 different user groups in my forum but i only want to moderate new users posts and threads to prevent spam . but i see all users posts gone under moderation

for all other users

here is my setting which group i want to allow direct posting (posts should not goes for moderation )

Bill Stuntz

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Maybe you can set it up so all posts by users with fewer than maybe 5 posts will be moderated. Once they've made enough posts to convince you that they're not spammers, the moderation should go away automatically. If their first few posts convince you that they are spammers... zap 'em.

Bill Stuntz

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I can't tell you EXACTLY how to do it. But I think it can be done by forcing all new registrations into the "Moderated Users" group in addition to the "Registered Users" group as they register. And promoting them OUT of the Moderated group once they hit your target number of posts. But it might not work very well if they innundate your forum with a BUNCH of rapidly created posts. If they make 20 rapid posts and your target number is 5, you might have 15 unmoderated spam posts that become instantly visible before you can zap the spammer.

I'm sure someone who knows more than I do will jump in here if I'm wrong. I haven't had much to do with spam control or user promotions on our MB. There are probably better ways to do it, but I don't know them.
The way I have it set is on the default registered group I put Follow Moderation Rules NO
Then after 5 Non spam posts they get promoted to Verified Member which follows moderation rules and will not ask me to approve their posts