XenForo Just In Time Registration Option

I've searched the forum and there is an option but not sure if its exactly what I need: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/guest-posting-for-xenforo-2-x-by-addonslab.6082/

If I were to disable e-mail verification to create an account, would it post?

My users will be 15-25, so getting them to post will ideally require as little registration process as possible while still registering for an account.

EDIT: See post 3 for updated question.
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If you disable email verification, it does indeed make registering then posting easier. And, there's no doubt that email verification is no longer a spam fighting tool. But if you do disable verification, also go into setup>user registration and set Watch content on creation to "Yes" and Watch content on interaction to "Yes." These are both "Yes, with email" by default.

This way you're insured that a ton of bounced emails won't happen. Because you can never know if the email addresses entered, are valid.
Yeah - and for any devs reading, I'm willing to obviously pay if it is possible. Updated specs below.


I currently own a Wordpress website and am looking to add a XF forum to it. I saw a Guest Posting/Just-in-time registration add-on: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/guest-posting-for-xenforo-2-x-by-addonslab-paid.141302/

Is there a way to embed a text field where users can start typing a forum topic on the home forum page or even our Wordpress home page and when a user clicks ‘create topic’ it redirects to the create topic page w/ their topic title already inputted? And from there, when the guest fills out the rest of the topic creation info (tags, topic body info, etc.) and clicks create topic, it becomes a just-in-time registration? This would be for creating topics only. (not replies).

Avvo.com has this functionality - see the bottom right ‘ask a question box’ on this page - this is EXACTLY what I need.

(Text box embedded on a page to create topic to Just-in-time registration)