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XenForo Idioma Español 1.4.2

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Lucas submitted a new resource:

XenForo Idioma Español - Spanish XenForo Translation

Traducción al Español de XenForo 1.2 RC1 realizada por miembros de XenForo Hispano.

Aún estamos trabajando en completar el area de panel de control de administrador y un poco más. La mayor parte del front-end ya está traducido para que sea lo más intuitivo posible.
Spanish XenForo translation for XenForo 1.2 RC1 created by members of XenForo Hispano.

We're still working on finishing up the administrators control panel and...

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Hi luke, thanks for the translation.
Install the previous version to which you uploaded today and I installed without problems.
However, when wanting to install the update that you have uploaded today shows me an error. (Clarify that first uninstalled the version that had risen a few hours).
Please enter a valid file name. The requested file Could not be read.
I thought at first that maybe you had uploaded the file was corrupted or perhaps damaged, so I tried to install other languages but everyone else from the last installation showed me the same error.
The forum that I have had by then 1.1.2 version 1.1.4 to get to 1.1.5 and I updated to 1.2 a few days ago, without any problem as you again mention (since I installed the first version of your translation without problems).
If you could help me I would greatly appreciate.

Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_11.png
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You can always post in our forums in spanish if you require. Solving this issue with Christian Huertos


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Thanks for making this translation available for free of use. Hopefully a final release will be available soon.


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I'll try and get this going and fixed pretty soon. I've been really busy with college, projects, etc. Will get it up ASAP.