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So folks is it true that xF doesn't have a home page?

That a home page such as one seen at www.xenforo.com was created outside the forum framework?

What other alternatives you folks use to make your home pages for your xF forums?


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XenForo the site has a home page.

As do a lot of other sites running XenForo software.

You just need to create it yourself.

I think you're probably alluding to a portal or something similar.

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Xenforo has the easiest, built-in ability to create custom pages that I have seen in any forum package.
well ... Xenforo Pages have many significant limitations ... hindering their real world use.
- no BBCode
- must be done in AdminCP
- Stuck in the Forums Tab
- Can't comment
- No Likes.
- Pages don't show up in "What's New"
- you can subscribe to pages.

Certainly, xenforo.com doesn't use their own Pages function.

I realize this was a vBulletin addon ... but many of the above limitations were not a problem with
Webtemplates: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=103076

Digital Doctor

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Garamond, I know that. I've been here since the start.

I was simply saying that the pages system is a great tool and fully useable, however there are certain things that could be added to make it even better.