xenForo home page


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for the time being there is almost nothing in there, what are you planning for it?
is it going to be based on a future cms or portal?


The site went up only recently :) Give them time to go from this semi private testing of alpha 1 to a more public company web site over time. It's an easy bookmark I think.


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I imagine there will be a full featured homepage with pricing and features and such once the product is available to buy.

Digital Doctor

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JasonAxelrod is planning on making a Portal Home Page.

Is it now appropriate for the xF team to give a bit more information about "Home" page plans ?
I would think that if JasonA made a Home Page plugin that was instantly made redundant, he wouldn't be so happy.


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Digital Doctor... I would be okay with that. I know that external portals like my XenPorta or Brian's XenAdvanced are only temporary until XenForo comes with them by default. That is too be expected. I myself am what you call a "minimalist". I like things being simple, as base as possible. Anything I can get WITHOUT having to install additional stuff, the better. Besides, as you can see I have 5 major projects I plan on working on; I have my work cut out for me.