XF 1.1 XenForo Hidden Div's

Hello everyone,

I recently had a custom theme done, and in one of the template files I found this:

<div id="serverlist">
Sadly, I have no clue where the template is fetching the div from. Is there anyway I can figure this out? I really need to get into this div and edit some things.


now search for the name of the template including it;)
Thing is, I don't know the name of the template that includes it. I mean, I know one of the templates that includes it. And that templates just says div id="server list." What I need to find is the template that have the serverlist div in it and actually have the details of the div. It doesn't just call it.


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When you view the HTML source of a rendered page on your site is there any code inside the DIV? or does the HTML just contain the opening and closing DIV tags?