Xenforo hanging


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OK, this is not really a support question, and I'm not sure if it's even a software issue. I have experienced on many occaisions (almost every time I visit) through multiple devices, OS', and connections, that the site here tends to hang and not load completely at times.

It'll hang before displaying all the replies in a thread for example. Sometimes the navbar and header logo will never appear. Is this a problem that others experience? Is it software or server? Just asking.

If I posted this in the wrong forum, please move. Thanks.


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I've been using the site for several months now using various browsers and the only problems I've ever had have been ISP related.


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the only similar issue i have had is on my own site with overlays (taking forever to load) and with ajax saves, such as when saving a template (timeouts- a real annoyance). yet if i open the same page in a new tab it loads normally; i only get these issues when a page is being loaded as an overlay. i havent gotten any complaints yet, and if it were a an issue for anyone other than myself i would have surely heard about it. but it does happen no matter what browser or even os i am using. i am thinking it must be related to the fact that i am on the opposite side of the globe from my server.