XenForo got ripped off

The Dark Wizard

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This guy sells a commercials torrent tracker solution with an integrated forum, go take a look for yourself and tell if you don't feel he ripped XenForo off, I was honestly speechless.


At least all of the gfx and template code was ripped off, but I suspect much more. He even offers XenForo db import for licensed users: http://templateshares-ue.net/tsue/?p=forums&pid=11&fid=5&tid=425

It's outrageous.
But it has the default vbulletin node icons >_>.....


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The rip is pretty blatant, many of the class names are the same too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Really? I took a few samples since this thread was opened and I don't see much duplication in the way of classes.

Blatant rip of the style so far, but what's generated for the end-user is a whole different beast.

Needs more analysis, honestly.


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So let me get this straight...he made a Torrent tracker and included XenForo in it? Source code says?

	<a href="http://templateshares-ue.net/tsue/?p=forums&amp;pid=11&amp;fid=7&amp;tid=624">XenForo Integration</a>
YES! Where is my pitchfork?


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avatarHolder and a few more.
It goes both ways, I see a lot of classes and structure differences between the two. Yes, there are some duplications of class names, but they're fairly generic.

There's a lot of stuff from XF that I can't find in their stuff and vice versa. Still, none of us can see the raw back-end code, so there's not much we can do to analyze it.


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multi-coloured poll bars nice. Shadow and background on the style looks alright to. I'd suggest removing the node icons for something less big and oh wait, this isn't the forum critique area is it? #blondemoment

Sadik B

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It's a blatant rip. Yes they have obviously been smart enough to change the template output to a degree that it is not an exact match, but the rip is obvious. I see things like these and wonder why honest people sweat day in and day out to survive when others copy in plain sight or throw outrageous claims in lawsuits just because they can. Oh the arrogance of it... :(


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once the IB and XF case is over.. the XF can take TSUE to court.. lmfao hopefully it runs like this.. IB case = money for XF. the TSUE case = money for XF. win/win. lol
I think Kier, Mike and Ashley have likely had their fill of the inside of any courthouse for quite sometime.