Xenforo forum doesn't look good in search engine listing


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My competitor has a phpBB forum, I can understand why they place above me in searches, they've been around longer than I have, but in search results their listings are so much more prominent than mine.

How can I get the same treatment as they do for my own listing?


It's not a XF issue.

This is our XF forum for example (and we've not done anything special to make it do this):

Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 21.24.19.webp

I think this is purely down to google and given time it'll learn those links for you.
Googling seems to back that up, e.g. "Google does not show sitelinks for all websites. The fact that it may decide to show sitelinks when users search for your domain name or for particular queries, it’s a signal of trust."
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