XenForo Community, I'm not trying to impress you or anything...

Maybe if I drink some of whatever he ^ is drinking, I'd feel better.
Ah yes. In that famous picture of mine, I drank a Riddler Shot. 13 Drops of Tabasco and 2oz of Tequila mixed together with crushed ice and garnished with mint leaves. Will have you feeling like a Superhero all night long. That ******* Riddler sure knows how to mess people up.
For some reason, Batman, your attachment only appears when I quote it. o_O

EDIT: Make that only when it's in the posting box; after I posted and reloaded, it's showing as broken again. (Chrome stable/Win 7)
I asked Alfred to fix it. I'm off saving the world everyday, I never have enough time to research the internet properly. I hope you can see my manly face now perfectly!