XenForo Color Palette Visual Guide [Deleted]


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Amaury submitted a new resource:

XenForo Color Palette Visual Guide - A visual guide for the color palette of XenForo.

I've added a techno mix I found on YouTube a long time ago so it's not boring. Additionally, the short blackout had to do with the fact that, for some reason, after a certain time has passed, temporary memory issues crop up.

Anyway, I made this a few hours ago for those that get stumped by color palette. Watch in full screen and 1080p:

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This video isn't allowed to see in Germany because you use music without the rights for this :D
The music's actually fine to use, it's just that some authors don't want certain countries to listen to their music for some reason. Older gameplay videos of mine, as well as other users' videos, are also blocked in some countries because of the music used.

In any case, I'll upload a silent version shortly for the Germans. :)