Xenforo App


I am presently with vbulletin and like to change to xenforo. but since xenforo don't have mobile app. i am waiting. is there any official release of xenforo app in the near future.

thank you


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No mention of an official app, there's only the responsive style which I believe is having an overhaul for the next major version (2.0).

There is one already released in the addon market courtesy of @vbresults and @Slavik is currently nearing final stages of a mobile application also. I'm not aware of any others but think there was a third developer testing the waters to see if there's a market for one.

Ernest L. Defoe

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I'm using the one by @vbresults and it works great. Push notifications are nice. The one from @Slavik is going to be a full app as opposed to a wrapper but the wrapper method works great if your style looks good in a responsive size.

The one by the other developer that @James mentioned is only for Android and all it does is show new posts. No full browsing experience or push notifications.