Xenforo and GD, specifying different parameters to achieve smaller JPEG sizes


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I've found the Xenforo core files to specify jpeg compression ratio, but I'd also like GD to:
  • Output only interlaced/progressive JPEG'S (so they don't cause content re-flow as sets of large images load in to a thread. This is a serious usability issue for photo-heavy posts/threads.)
  • Strip all EXIF data (not sure if this is already being done).
  • Strip any color profiles and remaining metadata.
  • Perform any JPEG optimizations that are available to achieve the smallest file sizes at any cost.
Has anyone attempted this or know how/where to implement the above? I'm more familiar with ImageMagick than GD. I assume they're capable of similar functions.

Thanks in advance.
The equivalent IM settings would look something like:
-thumbnail 1024x1024 -adaptive-sharpen 0 -interlace Plane -strip
Though, I think -strip may not be required as -thumbnail already strips meta-data.

Thanks Jake.

I'm not a programmer. A few layers in to xenforo core files and I start to feel a bit lost. It's very OO...

I was hoping there was a quick solution to where GD processing settings could be specified. There's the variables for JPEG quality, but not much else that I could find.
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