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Emre submitted a new resource:

xenForo 2 Online Users Avatar - I have prepared for xenForo 2.0.x versions of the online users section avatar list.

I have prepared for xenForo 2.0.x versions online users list section avatar. This plugin has the option to be enabled or disabled via the Management panel.

  • xFDestek-xFDcavavatarli-1.0.0 Remove the Alpha.zip file from your computer.
  • Zip password: xFDestek.com. (Try writing manually if you get an error)
  • upload the src folders in the folder to the forum board.
  • Click Admin Panel -> Add-on...

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Does it show username in tooltip when hovering on an avatar?

The same feature/layout for staff online list block would be cool. I would use this feature not for user online block but only for staff online list block.


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This looks like a great addon, only thing,is there a way I can translate this to preferred language? Thanks :)


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Thanks for the addon
I can see that avatar are small ones, any way to increase the size ?


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Xenforo file checking system report me an unwanted content in src/addons/xFDestek/xFDcikavatarli/_data/template_modifications.xml
Receiving an email every day.
I disabled the addon.