Not a bug Xenforo 2.2 -- Some forums are not showing correct thread counts (e.g. 0 when there's 10)


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I am hoping someone can perhaps offer some insight. I noticed that some forums are not showing accurate thread counts. For example, on forum has 13 posts, but the thread count says 8. Another has a good 20 or more posts, but the thread count says 0.

I have rebuilt the forums, and rebuilt the threads with the Rebuild position and post counters option checked, but nothing has changed.

Has anyone had this same challenge or know of a fix for it??

Thank you!
:( Can anyone offer any insight on this? Don't mean to bump it, but the challenge is causing a lot of complaints.
@Paul B @Brogan anyone maybe can assist?

Sorry to tag, but trying to quiet the angry members.
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