XF 1.2 Xenforo 1.x and 1.2 in php 5.4 ?

I have planned to do reinstall of my forums, does anyone ever run or already runs on production either xenforo 1.1.5 or 1.2 beta on php 5.4 ?, is there any compatibility problems or any general short coming than running it on php 5.3 ?. Does all xenforo 3rd party plugins or addons in general managed to run on php 5.4 ?


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About the add-ons, I don't know since I haven't tried all of them, but all of whatever I tried worked for me. There is no problem with PHP 5.3-5.5 and XF 1.1.5-1.2 (Beta 1-4).
Glad to hear, but the other main thing to consider is suhosin patch for 5.4 still in alpha, probably i will take another security precaution for suhosin alternatives.