XenForo 1.3.0 Released

Today, we are excited to release XenForo 1.3.0, the first supported version in the XenForo 1.3 series. This release builds on previous versions of XenForo to add new features and bug fixes. We are now confident in recommending customers to upgrade their production websites to 1.3.0. Please see upgrade information below.

We would like to thank everyone that provided bug reports and feedback throughout the beta and release candidate period.

All customers with active licenses may now download the new version from the customer area.

New Features

The new features in XenForo 1.3 include:
...and more.

XenForo Resource Manager and Enhanced Search with 1.3

The XenForo Resource Manager 1.1.2 and XenForo Enhanced Search 1.0.3 releases are compatible with XenForo 1.3.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Full details for how to install and upgrade XenForo can be found in the XenForo Manual.

Add-ons and styles may be broken after upgrading to 1.3 (from 1.2). You must test your add-ons thoroughly or look for updates. Be especially careful with add-ons that cover similar features to ones that are added to 1.3; these may conflict with the core XenForo data. If data conflicts are found, they will need to be resolved in a new add-on release or by removing the add-on before upgrading to 1.3.

We highly recommend that you backup your data (database and files) before you upgrade to 1.3, particularly if you are running third-party add-ons. You may wish to also upgrade your test installation before updating production to make sure you are prepared.

Templates Changed Since 1.2

A full list will not be released as it's simply too large and the changes are significant. You should use the "Outdated Templates" system (and the new template merging option) to bring your templates up to date. Alternatively, you may wish to simply revert your customizations and redo them.