XenForo 1.2.2 Released

XenForo 1.2.2 is the second maintenance release in the 1.2 series and focuses on bug fixes and stability improvements. We recommend that all customers running a previous version of 1.2 upgrade when possible. If you are currently running XenForo 1.0 or 1.1, we also recommend upgrading to 1.2 when possible, but please be aware that this is a significant upgrade and you'll need to be aware of add-on and style compatibility changes.

Some of the bugs fixed in this release include:
  • Fixes and improved compatibility for IE11 (particularly in the editor)
  • Updated to jQuery 1.10.2 for improved IE11 compatibility
  • Nofollow member search links as the results won't be indexed
  • Fix potential situation where forum counters could become incorrect
  • Fix spam checking on profile posts/status updates
  • Fix situation where route filters could be applied to incoming routes incorrectly
  • Make the account upgrades page responsive
  • Fix behavior of registration spam checks when the manual moderation threshold is disabled
  • Incorrect last post dates on threads in the global RSS feed
  • Prevent a PHP crash/blank output when editing a large post
  • Prevent some server error logs with long input in certain pages
  • Fix incorrect "can revert" permission check in edit history.
  • Make the filter controls in the ban list search across all pages of results
  • Fix problems with tagging users that have @ in their usernames
  • Fix importing of pages from XenForo
  • Limit the number of users a person can follow to prevent performance issues
  • Tidy up the sub-forum list with long forum titles
  • Fix errors if a URL tag is manually added around text that has already been automatically linked
  • Limit the maximum depth of BB code to prevent possible recursion errors and styling problems.
See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.

All licensed customers may now download XenForo 1.2.2 from the customer area.

More Stable

This release of XenForo 1.2.2 follows our principle that third-point (x.x.X) releases should always be more stable than the preceding version, so for the most part you will not find new features in 1.2.2. Major new features will be reserved for second point versions (x.X.x).

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

Full details for how to install and upgrade XenForo can be found in the XenForo Manual.
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Templates Changed Since 1.2.1

The following templates have been modified since their release in XenForo 1.2.1.

The following changes provide functional improvements and fixes or cosmetic enhancements. We recommend that all users integrate these changes into their own templates if they have previously customized them by using the template merge system (or, if necessary, by reverting and recustomizing). If you have not customized these templates, the changes will be automatically integrated when you upgrade to 1.2.2.

Changed width of the Facebook "facepile" tag.​

Made this template support responsive views.​

Changes to support responsive view (upgrade div has been folded into parent li).​

Added hidden redirect input.​

Ensure that conversations with deleted recipients display a user name indicating this.​

Ensure that conversations with deleted recipients display a user name indicating this.​

Wrap the revert controls in a conditional.​

Allow an "extraClass" to be passed through the editor options.​

Tweak column CSS in block links list.​

Nofollow the member search link.​

Nofollow the member search link.​

Responsive view tweaks for warnings.​

Nofollow the member search link.​

Adjustments to support responsive views (new classes).​

Make sure that attachments are highlighted when posts are selected for inline moderation.​

Nofollow the member search link.​

Fix "reprot" variable name typo.​

Make sub-forum titles not wrap and be hidden with text-overflow, adjust the responsive cutoff for when the sub-forum list is hidden.​

Adjust the form input variable to prevent double escaping of URLs passed to it.​

Changed width of the Facebook "facepile" tag.​

Increase the size of the left margin of lists (to support 3 digit list counters)​

Support LTR-forced overlay scrolling sections and add a small left margin to overlay footer buttons.​