XF 1.2 Xenforo 1.2.2 consuming more CPU usage

I have updated xenforo from 1.2.1 to 1.2.1 a week back. It was working fine no issue and performance was quite ok. Suddenly, my site was started responding very slow and when i check the Database server it is absolutely fine low CPU usage but Xenforo application server CPU(s) usage increased to 92 - 95%. apache taking too much time to respond.

I have Xenforo application server with 4 CPU(s) and hardly 200 users online and active users not more than 100 or 130. It was normal hit.

Can anyone provide me the root cause of such behavior ? and also any suggestion to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance !


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There could be a myriad of reasons. Have you received any server errors lately? Have you attempted to disable add-ons to determine if one of those are causing issues with CPU load?