XenForo 1.0 Beta 1 Admin Control Panel in Pictures


I've created screenshots of many pages in XenForo 1.0 Beta 1 admin area. I think they will be very useful to decide if you want to buy XenForo (I'm sure you already made a decision :) ).

The gallery is here: http://www.fractalizer.ru/frpost_554/xenforo-1-0-beta-admin-control-panel-in-pictures/.

If when you click an image, it's scaled, just right-click it and select something like "Show picture in a new window" to view it in a whole. It's scaled by browser, not by script.

P.S. Forum section names and board name there is in Russian since the screenshots come from XenForo Russian Community Website. But this should be irrelevant I think. It's just several lines of text. All other is in English.


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:inserts foot in mouth: Guess I shouldn't try to reading Russian page source info. lol

Oh well, I got excited for a minute.