XenForo 1.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Tonight, we are proud to present the first purchasable version of our brand new forum software, written from scratch to satisfy the goals of reliability, performance and superior user experience.

Welcome to XenForo

For the next twenty-four hours, XenForo will be available at the special offer price of $100, after which time it will revert to its normal price of $140.

Pricing and Terms
  • Support and Updates
    A license comes with 12 months of updates and ticket support. 12-month update and support extensions will be purchasable for $40.

    As an additional incentive to adopt early, licenses bought during the beta period will have 12 months of updates and support starting from the date when XenForo 1.0 is released as a stable and supported version.

  • VAT
    As a new company, we are not yet required to charge VAT to our European customers. However, please be aware that we will likely be required to charge VAT at some point in the future, at which point the effective price in Europe will increase. We will announce this change when it becomes necessary.

  • Branding Removal
    The copyright information in the lower left corner of XenForo pages must remain visible and unedited unless a branding-removal option is purchased at an additional cost of $250. Other extras and services will be purchasable in the future.
The full license terms are available in the XenForo License Agreement.


Once you have purchased and downloaded the XenForo zip package, you will need to extract the zip and upload all the files from the contained upload directory onto your web server. You may upload into your web root, or any folder within the web root. This shall be referred to as your XenForo Directory.

Having uploaded the necessary files, you should direct your web browser to the URL that corresponds to your XenForo Directory and add '/install' to the address (eg: http://www.example.com/xenforo/install). This will trigger the installation process, which will guide you through the necessary steps to get a working XenForo installation running on your server.

Please note that the installation routine will direct you to ensure that the data and internal_data directories within your XenForo Directory are writeable by the webserver (ie: chmod 0777).

Beta Version

Please note that while we are confident in the capabilities and reliability of this software, we have chosen to label it as a beta version at this time as we are aware that it contains certain minor errors and incomplete functionality. However, we do not believe that any these known issues should present a significant impediment to running the software, nor should they expose security flaws. However, due to its beta label, we do not warrant that this will be the case.

Support for beta software is limited to support on the forums at http://xenforo.com/community. At the point that the software is declared stable, licensees will gain access to our full support system.

Any purchases made during the beta period will automatically be granted access to future stable versions, in line with the license agreement.


Due to unforseen circumstances, we have been unable to move portions of the CSS that drives the XenForo style into the Style Properties system as planned. However, this task is near the top of our priority list and we expect the style to be fully propertised in the next beta release, which we will make in the coming days.

As a result, we would advise customers to play with the style system in order to familiarize themselves with its workings, but to be aware that the underlying CSS will be changing in significant ways in the very near future.
We have now updated our forum line-up here on XenForo.com to reflect the fact that we now have licensed customers entitled to support.

Please note that posting in the XenForo Community Support Forums requires an active customer license. To identify the fact that your forum account is associated with a licensed customer, please use the form in your customer area to select your forum user account.
The XenForo Early Adopter Sale has now concluded, and the price for a XenForo license is now set at $140.

We extend our thanks to all those who bought licenses during the sale, and also to those who have said they would wait to purchase until after the sale in order to make a greater financial contribution - thank you everyone.
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