XenFans Interview with Shaun Mason from the Tradition Sports Online community



XenFans Interview with Shaun Mason from the Tradition Sports Online community

The http://xenfans.com/ team (Nix) interviews Shaun from TSO to get some insight as to bigger boards converting early to XenForo. How did the convert go, how is the community handling the change and how is XenForo helping owners improve their site.

XenForo member: http://u.xenfo.ro/2123
Community: http://forums.traditionsportsonline.com/
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An example of the questions:

Hey Shaun, it's great to talk to you. Can you perhaps give us a bit of an introduction to who you are and what your community is about?

Thanks for having me. My name is Shaun Mason and I am part of the administration group for TraditionSportsOnline. We are a community based on mature, simulation style sports video gaming.
Developing for and running XenForo is a complete restart for most board owners, it feels like a fresh canvas to play/develop with. Has it been a challenging task at first, or how did you experience the transition?

I actually anticipated the conversion being more difficult. All of the tools provided by the XenForo team worked well right out of the box. What has been challenging is temperimg my enthusiasm with the realisation that it is still beta software. Setting up a proper test bed for each beta release is important so I don't impact the users while I am trying to upgrade and add features.
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We hope it's an interesting read. Enjoy.