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XenFacil Holidays 4.4

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Make snowflakes falling (or any other image) to the forums


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lms updated Snowflakes with a new update entry:

Added responsive design

With this supplement, we will make falling snowflakes, creating a Christmas atmosphere in our XenForo, or we will make other holidays like Valentine's Day, Halloween, Carnival, ...

Thanks to a www.dynamicdrive.com/ script.

  1. XenFacil Addon for XenForo's scripts: XenFacil Festividades
  2. Addon by: XenFacil.com. Créditos a www.dynamicdrive.com/
  3. http://www.xenfacil.com...
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@Lindal_Oronar, with that big size (1979px x 180px image and resized) logo you must choose between viewing your logo or viewing this add. For hidden admin login i'm working to fix it.