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Unmaintained [XenDesign]-Energy 3.0

Energy style three colors available

  1. Paul

    Paul Well-Known Member


    Cant seem to register on your site to download these. Are they pay or free?

    Every answer i put in the captua seems to be wrong on registration - possibly the inbuilt Chrome translator isnt helping...

  2. The question is Captachat the names of my forum (XenDesign)
  3. Paul

    Paul Well-Known Member

    Tried that, however it seemed case sensitive. All sorted now :)

    Nice designs - Quick question - is there any way of editing what information appears under the user avatar at all. There's things like occupation and Gender which I'd rather wasnt there, so would be happy to edit out, and maybe in the future something to add to it along the lines of custom fields

    Alternatively is there any way to shrink the size of the avatars.

    the issue i have is in a lot of cases the size/amount of info in the box on the left of the actual post is much larger than the actual post - so if the post is less than 10 lines then the info about the user is much larger than the post itself...


    Other than that, loving the styles :)

  4. We both share this account has ...
    Can you please, to your support request on XenDesign?
    so that the creator of this style helps you

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