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[XenConcept] Next Previous Resource [Paid] 2.0.1

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XenConcept submitted a new resource:

[XenConcept] Next Previous Resource - This add-on allows you to move to the next or previous resource in one click.

This add-on allows you to move to the next or previous resource in one click.

Replace "Next Previous" with the title of the resources thanks to a simple option.

Positions available
  • Top and Bottom
  • Top
  • Bottom

Options :

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I like it, however the issue I am having is that the "Previous" link always takes me all the way back to the first thread on the board rather than the previous thread.


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I cant find the phrases for next/previous. And i remember they were inside the source in an earlier version?


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XenConcept updated [XenConcept] Next Previous Resource with a new update entry:

New Release 2.0.1

New Features
  • Add new options
    • You can define a maximum number of characters for the title display. The following option must be enabled: Replace "Next Previous" By the threads title
    • add option for see resource preview is displayed on the resource title.
  • Adding a permission to see the "Next Previous" buttons.
  • Added two styles for displaying "Next Previous" buttons.
  • Added three options in the style properties

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I have bought today the upgrade. Here is what i still miss/suggest:

1. it confuses users, that you can prev/next on resource_view, but not on extra or review.
=> i have extended the template_modify and the main class for these both pages.

2. I dont know why, but the sort for last_update is not correct in m resources. Maybe there are resources with the same date.
Anyway it makes more sense to have to order my resources by title; someone else maybe wants to sort by add_date;
=> it would be nice to choose this at all (or per cat)

3. It is nice that the title of an resource is shorted by whole words; also it would be nice to get rid of the three points as an option.