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I had to install a xencarta for a client and was playing around for some minutes.
These things should be in the core, maybe i will find them, maybe you will code them for me.
The list will be longer during this day, i guess.
  1. When adding a new page, the slug should be created automatically by the input of the title with some rules like (replace space with -, replace "/" with "-"
  2. ugp to see the edit-page directly after adding a page. (No need to click on edit). Means just to change the link for allowed group.
  3. Limit the list of page_options/parent to level 1 or level 2.
  4. A page should have a trigger "no_list_for_pages"; if this trigger is set to yes, we dont show the child-pages in /special/pages, but maybe we can show the number of child-pages instead in a new row like "has 23 child pages"
  5. A page should have a trigger "is like special", then we show a page looking like /special/pages, but also with alphabetical sort
  6. An option should trigger if point 5. shows the list above or beneath the list => template change is enough
  7. Lets say, i am here: europa > spain and want to create a new page "barcelone" under spain, then i need a button directly here to create that page without choosing the parent page. The button should be at the usual place right top as "Create sub-page"
  8. A function like in AndyB Convert Images should download and attach hotlinked images (also webp should be fetched and transormed in jpg!)
  9. A function to replace special codes should check the post, before it is saving. This is just a small regex like "If line starts with hhm, then add bbcode xyz around this line.
  10. I have just added a new form field "thread_id" with a check if allowed to use, please add this template_mod also. Nothing else! Just the thread_id to change, when usergroup=x or y, we dont use any ugp here.
  11. The share-icons should be shown also under the page like verywhere else in XF. Users need to have the usual things always at the same place.

Thats my points for core-functions after some minutes of testing, some more will maybe following.
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