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Add-on XenAtendo 2 Preview...

3rd AnGle

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We'd always wanted to use an image in place of the Google map (since XenAttendo1)... It'd be supercool if we can upload pics this time, not in the description but in container where the map is.


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Kill mousewheel scroll on Gmaps. Looks good otherwise. I'd definitely give the option to put event description above GMaps also. Can't get agenda or week view to work as a visitor.

Like geolocation idea, it would be great if you could ascertain nearest city rather than show lat/long. Also would be good to allow user to type in address or city separately and trigger the geolocation of events.


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Nice :)

So can you move the map below the description?

Support for [bd] widget for upcoming events?

Featured events would be good, especially if you can tie them to a user group promo or payment. They would feature above the calendar in their own block.

I've not registered so haven't tried event creation but I assume recurring events are supported and multi-assignment of event owner will work (to another user) meaning you can reassign or add event organizers.

Add event types/prefixes (user defined event type like: movies, cruises, parties etc), prefixes to auto created event threads, and filters to calendar view for users to filter by event type i.e. show me cruises only.

Event packages (purchaseable potentially) and/or user group permissions i.e. registered users able to create X number of events, premium members can create Y number of events.

Limits on spots per event.

Optional approvals by event organizers of RSVP.

Multi-location events.

Global Map view of all events.

Public holidays (maybe pulled from custom google cal or other ical).

Show Member bday option.

I know, going off on a big wishlist here.
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are there categories? and then is it possibile to have a link for ics per category? in this way people can subscribe to the calendar


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Keyword/Category system has just been implemented...

So for instance, lets say you wanted to create the following keywords:
  • Super Smash Bros 64
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Super Smash Bros Wii-U
Event creators can tag specific keywords to their events.

Then viewers can exclude specific categories from the event listings... like if a player only wants to know about Melee events, they can exclude the other three categories, and then only events featuring Melee will be displayed.


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I like the idea of supporting an image in the google maps location. Then give users the choice of the 'Default' thing to display there with the list being like
  • Google Map
  • Event Image
And then also an option for what to show while the event is happening, so during the hours it has specified.

If you then added media links as a field for events, at least in the gaming sector like 8WayRun and SmashBoards, people could specify a stream link, and have it show the stream instead of the Google Map when the event is happening.

I'd potentially suggest carousel functionality for all of the above, and the same options to choose what it defaults to before and during the event.


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I just unveiled the system to my community... While the front-end is ready and done... the back-end is not... that will take some time. So it will still be a while before its ready for first release.