xen:require question...can I do this?


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it is really hard to explain...all I know is the thing I am working with requires it...if I remove the "screen" the addon won't work.


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hahah no what I meant was...I have it working standalone... with out including it into xf...if I remove screen it doesn't work...which is why I was asking ...I don't want to waste time trying to implement it into xf if doing that is not possible...I haven't exactly tried it yet but I also am not the best at debugging my errors so I figured I'd ask first :)


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I wouldn't have thought the second part would be parsed correctly as it's custom XenForo syntax and I have only ever seen it used with a single css template declared.


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I don't think it would either if that makes a difference :)

This is what part of the thing I was trying to include:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/mysecret.css" title="style" media="screen"/>

but to be honest I have had two people who know better than me take a look at it and they have no clue how in totality, or if what I am trying to include could be included in anything...in fact both of them still don't get how the thing completely works...not that I do :)