Lack of interest <xen:include> and <xen:css> in Email Templates


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I would love to include templates within Email Templates.

It would also great to include CSS into email templates, if it is necessary to include it directly within each html tag, there might be an already available function for doing that? That would work like this

mails_css (template)
.classA {font-weight: bold}
verification_mail (template)
<xen:require css="mails_css" />

<p class="classA">Some text</p>
would be translated into
<p style="font-weight: bold">Some text</p>

If there is none function available for doing that: One quick and dirty method could be to explode the CSS into an array:
$css['class = "classA"'] = 'style="font-weight:bold"';

... and replace($template, $css). You would only get one class per html tag and its not nice, but better than the current situation.
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