<xen:if clause in a template

Hi All,

I just can't get this to work - I want to do something based on the current url. So far I have:

<xen:if is={$requestPaths.requestUri} == '/index.php?pages/homepage/'>
When I go to save the template, I get an error...
My bad - just a bit more searching would have given me the answer: My 'if' statement needs to be quoted:

<xen:if is="{$requestPaths.requestUri} == '/index.php?pages/homepage/'">

is working for me.

Next question: where do I find a list of the variables available to me?
Thanks Jake,
I've been busy at the coal-face. Loving xenforo, but I apologise for hacking an AJAX script into to to give me the dynamic pages I needed...

... I think I could have done it with a callback, but couldn't manage it as smoothly as I wanted.

(I'll leave that for another thread)