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I'm assuming I need addons/modules for the following modifications once I buy Xen. I am holding off on purchasing as I need to know if what I need exists or can be built.

I am a programer and can do this myself but I do not have the time to learn how to program for Xen now or the foreseeable future; so, if someone could provide a solid quote for everything below and a method for contact, I would appreciate it.

1. Ranks, XP and Points: In the admin area, the admin will create "ranks" by selecting if it applies to a particular forum or all forums. Then the admin will select what the rank is based on (see 1a to 1i, below). The admin can choose an image and title to associate with the rank and assign the number of points earned for each action (1a to 1i). The user has a tab in their profile called "My Titles". The user can select 1 rank to display under their avatar.

1a. 1 XP and # Points for creating topics in certain categories.
1b. 1 XP and # Points for posting comments in certain categories.
1c. 1 XP and # Points for rating other users topics in certain categories.
1d. 1 XP and # Points for rating other users comments in certain categories.
1c. 1 XP and # Points for number of friends, adding friends, inviting friends.
1d. 1 XP and # Points for number of status updates.
1e. 1 XP and # Points for receiving ratings from other members for topics in certain categories.
1f. 1 XP and # Points for receiving ratings from other members for comments in certain categories.
1g. 1 XP and # Points for logging in and visiting frequently.
1h. 1 XP and # Points for bookmarking topics & comments (following and receiving notifications)
1i. 1 XP and # Points for favoriting topics & comments (just liking, no notifications)
1j. possibly more I can't think of right now.

Users receive a growl notification of receiving or loosing points. Users can see a log of their point activity in their profile. The user point log is private and no other members can see it (besides the user and admin). Users can see their progress and see how many points needed until next rank.

2. Point Shop: users spend earned points.
2a. Pokes: pokes are small 64x64 images with a title that you can buy using your "points" and send to another user. Pokes come in two flavors: Fun and War. The recipient of a poke can choose to poke-back when they receive a poke.
2b. Gifts: Gifts can be bought in the point shop and are sent to other users. They are small images 64x64 or 32x32 and are visible on a tab in the user profile called "Gifts received". If a user receives multiple gifts of the same kind, it only shows the image one time but indicates the number received. When creating gifts, the admin can set if the gift is unique or users are allowed to have more than one. If the item is unique then in the point shop the user cannot buy more if the recipient already owns it.
2c. Items for self. Like gifts but only you can have them. they cannot be sent to friends. They can be seen in your profile under a tab called "Items owned". When creating items, the admin can set if the item is unique or the user is allowed to have more than one. If the item is unique then in the point shop the user cannot buy more if they already have it.
2d. Account Tweaks: Users can spend points to customize account options.
2.1a - Change username for X points (as long as its unique and not reserved by admin)
2.1b - Buy prefix and suffix for username. These are either small before and after username, images or short words. Example word prefix suffix: -= username =- or _-~= username =~-_
2.1c - Buy option to be invisible in online user list for X amount of times or infinite.
2.1d - Buy permissions, such as adding attachments, buying access to other forum categories, charge point for changing avatar, etc.
2.1e - Buy colors for usernames.
2.1f - Buy ability to have a background for user profile.

3. Reputation: Since users receive 1 XP for each topic vote from another user and 1 XP for each comment vote from another user (see #1 above), we can calculate a reputation based on their XP. Just like ranks, the admin can create reputation levels for certain forum categories based on total XP in that category. The users total reputation shows under their avatar and a tab panel in their profile can show reputation depending on category they earned it in ("Community Reputation").

4. Keep track of a users points and XP:
4a. Current point total = total earned ever - (spent in shop+points negative)
4b. Total spent in shop amount
4c. Total earned points = total positive points earned since joined
4d. Total negative points (points lost for spam, being rude, etc)
4e. Points earned or lost per category and per action (based on settings in #1)
4f. XP earned per category and per action (based on settings in #1)

5. POST BATTLE! A new topic type. User can choose in certain forums to create a post battle. This is a special type of topic where a users creates a topic and inputs an amount of points it will cost to post a comment. Other users pay X points to post a comment and other users vote on the comments. After 7 days the comment with the most votes wins all the points everyone spent.

And if you think of anything else cool that would go well with all this stuff, feel free to let me know!


Whats this going to cost and how long to make it all happen?

send me a PM or post here and I'll check every few days.


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Wow. Wish I had time to take on new clients. Some of that list I might be able to knock off after I do them for other clients (the gifts for example). Would require a big investment though. In about 6 months I might have time... :p