Lack of interest [xen 1.2] Add a few functions to the XenForo JS librairy

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Could you please add some basic functions to the XenForo JS librairy:
  1. Basic browser detection: it's just a few lines of code and it can be useful to avoid to write them every time in our scripts or to depend on other libraries.

  2. Editor detection:
    • with at least: editor.type: bbcode/fullRte/bbcodeRte
      => It would make external code cleaner. Except its language variables, I don't think Redactor appears in the dom, so it's hard to detect it properly.

    • and if possible, but hard to implement: (id of the active editor)
      => I thought Redactor had a function to get the current active editor, but it seems I've imagined it (or I can't find it back in the API). The problem is that the current api is based on the editor id, without it, it's going to be hard to get the active editor

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