Duplicate WYSIWYG Toolbox Recode

Cory Booth

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I can't stand TinyMCE....
Plus the duplicate upload places is confusion for some. (Do I click the paper clip or click Upload?) etc...
I'd rather see a custom WYSIWYG with one place to upload pictures (and hopefully video) that pops up a SIMPLE file selector box (not a URL box)....


I don't see a paperclip in the toolbar, the toolbar only shows that what you can use in the post. The buttons below it are the options for the processing of the reply you're making (such as adding attachments to it).

TinyMCE allows them to customize it to their needs, and focus on the forum functionality. It works fine with me, I have no problems with it. (but that's just my opinion after using it for a while).

I think you provide some good feedback, I will think about it for a while and see if it is realistic to share the observations you made.

However, realizing this is version 1, alpha 1, at very early stages, allows room for the future to replace TinyMCE with Kier/Mike Editor. But it works, it's simple, functional and looks great. And I think that's enough for my users.

Cory Booth

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"Alpha version"
Oh absolutelty understood... Key baseline - then the tweeks.
I meant like right here the "picture icon" and "video icon" - TinyMCE asks for a picture URL... Members won't know what that means.
Same for video as well...

But at the bottom it has Upload a File - thats great - simple... (Please no "Asset Manager" LOL)

Anyways, that's the struggles I have had thrown at me.
I agree that the devs should rewrite the editor but not in the first release. Let the product stand first. Plus the Upload A File shouldn't be out of the box like that, it has equivalent weight as attach a link or image or video so it should be beside it.


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I don't know if its possible or suitable but perhaps we could have all kind of uploading / inserting files, media, pictures with the same form?