XF 1.3 www. and non www. Are Treated As 'Different' Users.


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I am not sure how to fully explain this, but i'm pretty confident it is an issue with the Xenforo software itself.

Whenever I go to my website and do not type in www. (so just cryptorun.com) then I can log in to my account, however, when I click on certain links in the software it takes me to WWW.cryptorun.com and I am no longer logged in. Furthermore I can log in to two separate accounts and browse the forums simultaneously from the same web browser, one in cryptorun.com, and the other in www.cryptorun.com.

This is obviously a problem as it means my members would have to log in twice to use the two separate 'sites'. I know it is a strange situation and I do not know why this is happening.

Is this a bug in the Xenforo software, or is it something else? Any answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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I would recommend redirecting all traffic to either the www or the non-www URL.

If you don't want to do that, you can set up the cookie domain in your config.php file. Set the domain as .cryptorun.com and it should work.

EDIT: I should also mention that if you change your cookie domain it might not be a bad idea to change the cookie prefix too. Members of your forum will all have to log in again, but if you don't there is the possibility that the cookies clash and it could prevent members from logging in or out completely.
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@Brogan @Martok
Is it possible xenforo itself to do this automatically ?
or some setup script that would suggest to do this redirecting from Day #1.
Seems like this is a common issue.

Is there an ounce of prevention possible ?

Can Xenforo.com do this ? people are getting logged out when you are logged into https:// and you click on a http:// URL.