writing plugin for xenforo


I'm planning to study the xenforo code so I can write a plugin for it. Here are some of my questions:

1) What version of zend framework xenforo used? is it zend framework 1 or 2?
2) If it is 1, are xenforo planning to migrate it to 2 soon?
3) Im not familiar with zend framework for now, Do I really need to become an expert in zend so I can easily write xenforo plugin?

Do you have an advice in writing xenforo plugin?

Thanks :)


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The software currently utilizes Zend Framework v1. XenForo 1.x will not upgrade the framework to v2. You do not need to learn Zend, and can focus on the framework provided and built by XenForo, this is where you will spend most of your time coding and is the basis of your work.