WOW, the software is nice


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Well, I had a site running vBulletin for some time (6 years) and moved it to a new domain opening the site up for more people (It was for a large town, then moved to discussion about the county). I then forwarded my old domain to the new one.

I then thought i'd start again with my town site using XenForo (Keeping the vB one for the county) and already posts and threads relating to the town are showing up in Google. It doesn't even have a sitemap!

Got to say, I love this software. It's nice, easy and simple to use and it seems search engines, if not just Google, like it also.

steven s

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I find the real pleasure of XF is being able to change the style.
I noticed when I updated the last version of vB4 that the style chooser moved over to the right.
It took me 30 minutes after reverting the css template to make my edits.
With XF, it takes minutes. Plus if you have a question, peer to peer support is minutes away. :)
It's actually fun tweaking styles, not a dreaded chore.