Add-on WoW Addon

Hi All,

I've recently made the move to XenForo from using Wordpress.
When using Wordpress I had a few PHP scripts that would Query the Blizzard API servers for Guild Infomation (Guild Feed, Roster).
I would store these in a database and use it to display a list of all Guild memebers with Ranks, Class etc and I would replace their Avatar with the Avatar for their charecter from the WoW Armory via the link I captured from the API.

I'm looking for someone to help turn these scripts into an addon for XenForo mainly to replace the Avatars with WoW Avatars (as described above) but with the possibitly of working on the addon to incorperate the other functions: Guild News, Roster, (Maybe linking the users Charecter details into there Xen Profile?)

I'd be willing to fund development on this and would be happy to hear from anyone willing to help.