Would Like To Bring RSS Feeds Back In A Non-Spammy Way


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I would like to bring RSS feeds back to my site in a non-spammy way. I say spammy because the RSS feeder creates a thread and most RSS feeded threads don't get replied to, so it ends up being a waste of a thread id.

I would love to import RSS feeds again but not have it use the threads system. I think RSS feeds should have it's own system.

An example would be like Rigel and Waindigo's Social Groups feature or the blogs feature.

Both those systems sorta use threads but it's in it's own section of the site.

I would like something like that but be able to put it as a node on the home page.

Like... a news section.


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Does not seem like a bad idea.
However, this would be an excellent way to purge message ids or import/export from the database as well.