Would a member area like this, including video courses and 'gamification' be possible?


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Our website currently has video courses, accessible only through monthly payments, as well as a public forum. The courses are created with Wordpress + Wishlist Member.

We want to improve our entire member experience and upgrade the whole system, and we're wondering if Xenforo can do all that we require. Here are the most important things we're looking for:

  • Forums, including subforums that are only accessible to paying members.
I believe Xenforo can do this by default.​

  • Members can purchase additional video courses (through one-time payments). The courses consist of one video and some text per lesson, sometimes MP3s or PDFs as well. To proceed through the lessons, members have to comment/reply to the video lesson with a written exercise. Only once they've replied, they can move on to the next lesson.
    Ideally, these courses would be completely integrated into the forum design/experience.
How well can Xenforo do this? First of all, how would you present a video course in Xenforo? A private subforum where each thread is a video lesson? As a 'resource'? I don't know exactly how customizable the resource section is yet and how much it can do, and if it is standard Xenforo functionality.

Also, is it possible/doable to program the functionality of advancing a member's membership after replying at least once to a particular thread (e.g. a member is advanced from lesson 1 to lesson 2 after he replies to lesson 1)?
  • Member rewards and gamification. Both active contribution to the forum will be rewarded, as well as completing courses (e.g. members get a badge that is visible throughout the forum when they complete a course.. in other words, when they've replied to the final lesson in a course).
    Does this functionality exist/how difficult would this be to implement?​


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The way you want to structure your courses (auto move on) would require an add-on as well as needing an add-on to extend the trophy system. Other than that, access can be handled through paid subscriptions and user group promotions.