Working on a Demo to customise forum


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I've got a demo going where I'm attempting to get the look and feel as close to my vBulletin forum as I can in terms of colour and general thread layout before showcasing it to my user base and then depending on their feedback purchasing XenForo from there.

There are a few things I'm struggling with:

1) In threads, how can I get the member who posted on the left side looking more than vbulletin below?


2) In the thread listing, how can I remove the thread creators avatar?


3) How could I get a bar between each post showing the date/time rather than the XenForo method of it showing below each post?


Thank you kindly.
Official support is not provided in the for sale area but is in the licensed owner area. If you haven't already, associate your user name with your account and post in the appropriate support area.

What you are asking about is very simple to resolve in most instances.
The OP does state it is a demo they are working on so they are currently not licensed.

Having said that, as stated, we wouldn't provide specific support in this forum, other than to say it would be possible with the requisite template HTML and CSS changes.
Hi Tracey & Brogan, thanks for your replies.

I haven't purchased the software yet, as I'm wanting to show-case a proper workable demo to my user-base first for their feedback before I drop $ on a license.

The 3 things I'm talking about, are they easily done if I was to basically copy/paste this thread into a support forum after buying a license? I don't want a buy a license and then be stuck not knowing how to make these 3 modifications.
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