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I just got XenForo and I plan on integrating it with my wordpress site. I am not looking for a walk through but I had a few questions.

Far as I know I need to bridge it over with something like XenScript, unless you know of another way. As it seems like most people are saying it is out of date or just a pain.

Now lets say I do bridge it with or without XenScript. I see people talking about having addon issues, I am not sure exactly what they mean by that (permissions? or just plain broken).

Last thing was, do you know if its possible to easily separate them again if I wanted to.



This addon?


I haven't used it myself. What kind of integration do you need exactly?

XenPorta may be another option to replace Wordpress, depending on your needs:



Thanks for the reply. I have been debating about XenScripts, but as of right now after doing some more research I my first goal is to match the styles between the wordpress + xenforo.

I took a look at XenPorta and I really do not want to lose my theme current wordpress theme. I messed around with the PAGE_CONTAINER and EXTRA.CSS for a good 4-5 hours last night trying to match it up but it seems like something always conflicts with the styles and ends up breaking a forum style. I know it is something that isn't done quickly so I plan on spending some more time later today trying to match it up properly.

I did have a question about styling as I don't have a ton of experience with HTML/CSS but I can edit a basic template on a regular wordpress pretty easily.

I was wondering if it is possible to possibly force a complete style sheet (my wordpress one) only onto the header of the XenForo template without breaking anything in the container or nav.

I also tried to copy over the whole template from my wordpress and place XenForo inside the container of my wordpress template which seemed to somewhat work after messing around the width a bit. But I assume that isn't really recommended and iframes isn't really a recommended method from what I have heard.


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Templating xenforo is a bit tricky for beginners. 4-5 hours won't do it to port a wordpress theme to xenforo. But it can be done. I did the same for Joomla. If you want to stick with WordPress I recommend learning xenforo templating or you can hire a styler that will do this for you. And yes, iframes are a bad idea.


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Can you PM me a link to your wp theme? Most aren't that hard to replicate in XF.

I'm also currently waiting on a bridge that doesn't break some wp addons. My fix for now is just mimicking the two styles, but my end goal is a much tighter integration.


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Vanilla forums has a nice, well supported bridge from Wordpress. Wordpress > Vanilla forums. With Wordpress as the master.

Xenforo needs this. Many people run Wordpress based sites and want a decent forum solution that integrates.


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I just got an email from DISQUS and noticed that single-sign-on capabilities are now free. Previously they charged $99/month for that. It means you can now use Wordpress as the front end of your site and enable disqus comments and use single sign on so when people log into wordpress they are logged into disqus. Then you can link the disqus profile avatar and username to xenforo's back end and profile area, making unified commenting system between xenforo and wordpress. The only parts missing are to have a xenforo account created when a wordpress account is created. Then when someone logs into Wordpress have them be also logged into xenforo. Do this and you'll have a fully integrated experience. CMS and forum.


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@Deepmartini did you figure the "Wordpress as the master" puzzle out?

@xfrocks see im not the only one =)

No, sorry. No developers on here seem interested in pursuing this. I've asked around several times, but have moved onto other solutions. I'm actually going to use Vanilla Forums because it integrates with Wordpress seamlessly with a single sign on option. If Xenforo had this, I would choose Xenforo as it is far superior. Maybe someday, a developer here will realize how powerful a combination with Wordpress would be!