XF 1.4 Wordpress to xenforo


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Hi all,

I currently have all my content in wordpress and my forums in mybb. I can import all the forums fine but am looking for a way to add all of my content into the forums so I can start using xenporta as my front end instead.

I have read a few posts about using vb4 to do this, however I do not have a license for this and am wondering if there is anyone out there that can help me out with this?

What I need
Categories as Categories in xenforo
subcategories as Subcategories (I would like a rainbow table that tells me old category and new category)
posts to posts in appropriate categories/subcategory (record post ID and new post ID in rainbow table)
Pages to Page nodes

Is there anyone who has done this or has a script that could do this for me or help me out here, willing to offer some small cash for this if you can



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Yeah agreed I think the VB4 method probably will take just as long as coding something myself. I have the categories moved to forums already and will work on the posts next, it is relatively easy so far, not the best code i have written and I probably could have built it all into a single recursive function but hey it works and thats the main point