Wordpress plus Xen

Good morning

I run the site cincysoftball.com. We have what has become 2 sites, our content site and our forums site. What I am looking for is how do I present both? Similar to maybe how facebook does things? A flow of interaction and content on one page. Thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.
We connect the two with two buttons. One on the top of the forum which sends you to wordpress, and one as a Wordpress widget which sends you to the forum.
Honestly I have been running separate sites for a couple years now and I have been considering the Xenword bridge, but I am not sure if the cost would make up a difference. The Wordpress like yours is just for posts and the forum is where the action is. I am starting to add a Woocommerce store and this is where the serious look at Xenword is coming into play. If I am making money with the site then I am will to invest without reservation. Otherwise I use the Wordpress Super Socializer plugin for social commenting on articles. I don't see a need for syncing otherwise. Then again, I could completely wrong so I wouldn't mind hearing more. I wish there was more options available.
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