With the increased traffic yesterday & today, I'm glad xenforo is holding up


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Yep... almost constantly since about 4pm yesterday we've had well over 350 people online (tho not sure how many there were when I was asleep between midnight and 5 am my time).
And over 2,500 posts since yesterday.

I'd say it's doing just fine.


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XenForo was designed with large boards in mind. With all the traffic and posting I never notice a slow down at all; still snappy, :)


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I do agree it hasn't slowed down one bit. The suspense is what is killing me LOL


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Stat's at the close yesterday were:
  • Discussions - 4,331
  • Messages - 74,262
  • Members - 2,432
I need to check with Erik what time his cron job runs though.


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Its amazing that with 350 users online, xenForo hasn't even flinched, its almost like second nature to them!