Wireless Internet Access Points


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So I just did a job for someone involving internet access for their company...the issue is that I am not for sale and not under their employment technically so for insurance reasons I cannot have a key to the place and some other randomness which makes both of our lives a little bit tougher. I have setup a entry point into their network for myself to be able to be a remote admin for their company on the tech side of things and to be able to fix things without having to leave where I am.

The owner asked me what I needed and I said internet attached at my hip jokingly and he brought me straight to AT&T and bought me a MiFi 2372: 3g and edge network internet access hotspot device that also broadcasts for up to 5 devices on wifi as well as one over USB. So far I have to say this device performs MUCH better than I could have ever expected and there isn't anything (other than a Microwave) that interferes with it...even the dead zones for my iphone in my house pick up the 3g signal on the hotspot. I will update here after I fully put this thing through it's paces... but I had to let the world know that someone made something that actually works and does what it's supposed to :) It's like Xenforo...the hotspot.


I am interested to hear any other experiences with this or similar devices as I doubted them in a way and only would have been pro-purchasing this to s specific degree and had it not been purchased for me I would have never tried it out. Kinda am interested in the real world feedback of such units.


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And this is how you take your unlimited data plan from your microsim and fit it into the full sized sim slot on this device.

Put it in the adapter (made from the card stock you pop your sim out of) and slide it home. All done:)

Yay XBL in my car again (of course on my own time) :)


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So does this allow you to wirelessly connect your phone/laptop to the MiFi device anytime, anywhere? Like a constantly available WiFi hotspot (but running over 3G)?

Cool. :D


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Yes it does...it is my little linksys if you will :) (just not made by cisco) it is made by novatel which I believe is a child company (or acquired division) of Qualcomm.

So yeah basically any simcard supporting 3g (UMTS/HSPA), edge (GPRS) and even roaming (which I would seriously avoid using as you know about roaming charges) can be slid into the device to give it it's network connection. Basically you just need a data plan and a contract (at&t at least) or like in my case a phone with a Dataplan who's sim I used via a homemade adapter inside the Mifi to utilize my already paid for dataplan. :)

I can the same with my iPhone4 (any iphone really using pdanet) but being that when they gave me a new unit for replacement (smashed my phone...don't ask) they more than likely gave me a model that is shipped with tamper proof (resistant lol) screws.

I do not wish to mess with the internals of this specific phone so replacing a battery whos cells have been damaged by constant use of multiple processes (done this with a 3g iphone) does not sound fun(again).

Also you can damage the processor itself from heat due to the fact of the confines of a phone acting like a little oven for circuitry when you pump packets of data to computers downloading multiple movie streams from netflix, or an array of xboxs playing zombies or TD on xbl or the other place. I have had my iPhone 3g so hot it was actually uncomfortable to hold.

No BS... I can honestly say this thing (the MiFi) performs. I have thrown pretty much everything at it...no failures.
Peak download speeds (so far)
http - 1.4 mbs
torrent - 1.6 mbs
While driving at 60-65 mph in the rain.

If you already have an unlimited data plan on a sim based phone, I recommend you you buy one of these with or without a contract. The unit actually is worth the money...I don't say that too often either...this thing just has a wow factor to it I can't really put my finger on. It is truly an awesome thing