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Will non US domain names affect SEO?


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That depends on the authority of the site. Are you planning to use this tld to create a url thats easy for users? Like youtu.be


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I think this is a very interesting question. If your site is authoritative then I would expect Google to pick up on it but I would not ditch the old domain.
If this is a new site, then its uncharted territory. A Swedish tld will score better in google.se
How do you expect Google and other SE to recognize that the site is not Swedish or oriented on Sweden?


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Are you having a conversation with yourself or thinking out loud? What's the point of asking a question if you answer them yourself?

I'm out of here!


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Yeah I did this a while ago. My domain is xenogamers.org and I purchased xenogame.rs. After a while the coolness factor wears off, and it just becomes a money burden (the .rs domain was $75 a year)
Just get the cheaper one and use the rest of the money on something worthwhile lol.