Why there is no converter for Mybb to Xenforo

i like xenforo forum software...i want to get a licence but waiting for converter (mybb 1.6)
please dont tell me about another converting method(mybb to vbulletin or ipb)
i want a complete conversion(signatures-attachments-attachment types) with zero bug..
When you complete it , i will buy a licence.


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To answer "Why is the there no convertor for mybb", Thats is because XenForo can't do everything in such a short time. It's an amazing peice of community software made by a small team of 3 people, they are constantly working day in and day out to improve it and I am sure one will be available in the not so distant future. They have already begun supporting IPB and Phpbb so its only a matter of time before other convertors become available.

You could use XenFans to do this for you, Their prices are very reasonable :)


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Xenforo is awesome.
But I'd pay the $75 and get it converted NOW.
Waiting is expensive as time is money.

source: http://gconverter.com/start/

Verify what their service covers .. etc.
I've seen a few good conversions.
$75 is a fair price.
I'd verify things like :
will your BBCodes convert ?
User passwords ?
other options: http://xfservices.com/services/xenforo-convert.4/
Thank you for this post and link to gConverter service, this is a fantastic service, they convert all available CMS and Forum boards to xenForo, also for the price, they are a godsend :)!


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Sorry but i do not want to pay anything other unofficial services...
and i do not trust their services!
I don't know about GConvertor, but XenFans is a trusted conversion service who have helped out many converts.

If you don't trust anyone, then your only way is to do the conversion yourself. There is no official myBB importer to date, so you have to use other methods (such as converting to a different forum software that there is a official converter for), develop one yourself or wait for one.


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unofficial services?
I don't think this can be reason to not use this kind of services, also I see the portfolio of gConverter, they have already converted hundreds of forums and CMS, they even provides CMS and Forum Migration Statistics http://gconverter.com/statistics/ , they provides new Ranking method for all CMS and Forums "gC-Rank" , and one important thing: they have ton of good feedback and I didn't find even one bad feedback. I think this service is the correct way to convert my forum, and I trust this people.

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Sorry but i do not want to pay anything other unofficial services... and i do not trust their services!
Good point.
It sounds like you are going to stick with xenforo.com's MyBB converter.
I do know xenforo.com's MyBB converter is 100% error / bug free. I guarantee if you use it it will not cause problems. Great decision.

or ... um ... wait a second.
It doesn't exist !

There is zero timeline for a MyBB converter. It may never be made. It might be released in 9 months. Maybe 3 months, maybe never.

xfservices is a good option. seems like gconverter is good a fair price and they've had a few good reports.

Waiting for an official converter really makes no sense.
Unless, you want to save the $75.

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It's unfortunate that people develop add-ons, then disappear without warning. At least say they are discontinuing development, which might invite others to take the add-ons over. It's really bad when you set up your forum to depend on some of these things, only to find they are abandoned.


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Yep. Another reason I support paid mods more than free ones. Have to keep them going/supported/updated and give them money so they can. I made and maintained a lot of mods for SMF and they were all free... eventually I handed most of them over because I can't support so many mods for free. Oh and because XenForo came and made my job 10x easier with a paying market ;)