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Why is the title box missing when you edit a post?


Active member
I don't understand why the title box is missing when you edit a post.

I know that you can edit the title by clicking thread tools or edit in a thread list. However this is not intuitive, and goes against every other forum software out there. I've had a lot of people complain to me that they can't figure out how to edit the title of their thread.

Is there a way to enable this?



Active member
Currently only moderators can edit thread titles. This post shows the different ways you can edit a thread title:


It has already been suggested that regular users be allowed to do this as well.
I am an administrator on my forum, and there is no title box when you edit a post.

I am using the plugin that let's users edit their own title, and that is why I am getting a lot of complaints from people who don't know how to edit titles. Don't you think it makes a lot more sense to have the title edit box when you edit the thread?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
I am an administrator on my forum, and there is no title box when you edit a post.
Administrators are not moderators; they perform two entirely separate roles.

The thread title edit option is only available from the moderator tools, not the standard edit link for a post.

If you want that functionality with the plugin, then ask the author to update the plugin to provide it.